Bittersweet (muse_of_tragedy) wrote,

Birthday wishes...

I'd like to wish a belated happy bday to Joyce. I tried to send a comment or bulletin or whatever they're called on myspace last night and well, I really don't know how to, so just so ya know--I was thinking about you. Happy birthday!
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and how are you......
OMG! I have been to hell and back, and back again. How am I--would at least be a 50 page post..and I forget how to do lj cuts!! I will post an update really soon. I seen pics of Liv on myspace--Oh she's soooooo big! Time does fly!
Thank You.
Though there's really nothing to be happy about anyway...

Glad you're doing alright, you've been away for a long while...
Do try to update more often :)
huh, I kinda remember you from a long time ago.