Bittersweet (muse_of_tragedy) wrote,


I don't want to talk about the last 4 days of my life. I know other ppl have lost everything, their business, etc, I don't care to share what I have lost. I hate NY state. I hate floods. I hate being unprepared. I hate not having any power to help the ppl, things, and animals that need help. I hate having no electricity and watching my animals die b/d of the power outage. Fuck. I am so sick and fucking tired to caterring to other ppl's needs and wants, and you know what I don't fucking care. Being nice to ppl who could really care less. Regardless of what I do for them, they don't care, they only think of themselves. I'm only thinking about me and my family and the ppl whom I love. Everyone else can piss off.

I'm deleting this journal and won't be found on this site. Won't be on aim yahoo or any of that fucking stupid shit. Life is fucked up. And now so am I.

Take care.

Edit:::material objects--can always be replaced, but living, breathing creatures--whether human or animals can never ever be replaced. We are not going to niagara falls now for our vacation, we have to bury our what we lost. I am sorry I sound so cold above, I am hurt and angry, overwhelmed and totally out of my mind.
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