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What is bitter to endure, Is sweet to remember...

28 March
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Tarot Cards

A professional dreamer living in a imaginary world. Dreams are a device where creativity is found, and inner growth is sought, but seldom realized. Fragments clouded by confusion and shaded in thick purple mist blurring the visionary retreat of the mind.
Divinatory Meanings: Live inside a fantasy of dreamland, lacking substance, as life sometimes feels. A higher power embarks upon the entrance of a closed door. The key must be found within...
Reversed: imagination, divination through subconsciousness, precognition, exploration, obsession
Element: Be one with the earth, listen to her harmonies...and her tears, as the downpour continues.

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The 5 things you should know if you add me:

1. I'm obsessed with layouts and html, I change mine like twice a week, and I do talk about it. div tags, marquee, and table codes intrique me. And if you ask or email me, I just may make you a new layout, background image, imap, icon, blinkie, banner--as long as you are my friend and you don't try and claim it as your own, or HOTLINK me....

2. I don't bare my soul, I post some meme's(some of which I created), quizes(some made by me), poetry, and html tricks, I do bitch and complain, talk about my sex life, my job, and things that piss me off. If I post big ass pic's I will be kind and put it in an lj cut.

3. I don't expect anyone to post a ton of comments on my lj, I don't update seeking comments. Nor do expect anyone to keep up with my life story.

4. Once you are on my friends list, I will never unfriend you. And if you unfriend me--I will take you off my list--but it would be nice to know...And if you 'cut' me--then you update ur journal with ur cut friends list--helpful tip: change who can reply to your entry. If you have the comments set 'friends only' then a post like this is extremely ignorant, cuz nobody you cut can reply to it....screening your comments would be the correct (and polite) choice.

5. I read my friends page numerous times a day, I love reading it-- but I don't comment on every entry, who could? If your looking for a comment whore, I'm not that--but if you ever need help, or an unbias opinion--I'm your girl.

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