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what is wrong w/ the world today?

First it was peter pan peanut butter recalled, then we couldn't eat lettuce/spinach b/c it was tainted and humans would get sick. I really must say--us humans, we have a voice, we know when we're ill, we know when to go to the dr. b/c we feel like crap, but can I say omg any louder? Now, it's pet food that is being manufactured to kill our beloved pets. My friend shopalot's brothers cat is dying b/c of the menufoods recall which causes kitties to have kidney failure. Now there is a purina/alpo recall and also a del monte foods recall-yeah del monte also makes cat/dog food--including 9 lives, kibbles n bits, gravvy train, milkbone, and pounce snacks, among others. How can our voiceless pets tell us they are sick? By the time us busy humans notice a change in them it may be too late? They can't say--"hey mommy, that food made me feel shitty". All they can do is just eat it, and they love it and meow until they get it. I really don't know what to feed my cats anymore. I hate like hell to think that me feeding them their food that they enjoy is really going to be killing them. Apparently their is now rat poison in a HUGE batch of the wheat glutin found in every animal food in the world. Makes me think--her food, maybe that is what makes her so sick and why I spend around 2K a yr on vet bills on her. My little cats may now get cooked and grounded up chicken like my wild cat. I'd rather pay the extra $$ for meat, rice,(shit, I really don't know how to make it so it's a balanced diet.), then pay huge vet bills. I have teeth that I will be paying mega bucks in, I can't afford a sick cat.

I guess the jist of this post is:: if you have a pet, go to,, and and do a little research on the newest recalled poisoned pet foods before feeding them to your cat/dog.

I really don't know what is wrong w/ this world we live in, I feel we as humans are on a crash course with destiny.
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