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What is wrong with the weather these days?
I'm so lookinf forward the season to change
So sick of the coldness the dwells
In march it's a living hell.

And so on and so forth....that's about it.

More snow. Lovely snow. Lovely cold. God, I'm so happy I live in NY state. It's gonna be 93 degrees in AZ tomorrow. I would never ever complain about the heat, just the cold. If we get a shitload of snow, heard up to 2 ft, I anticipate another flood this yr. Hey, I'm ready this yr. So let the water come. I even have a raft.


Yeah, lovely life.
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spring is just around the corner....the ice cream stands will be opening up soon....nice weather will be here, just give it a little more time!
Time? Spring is starting in a couple days, and it's still gonna be the bitter frozen tundra. Every yr excluding this one, I already had my crocus' flowering, ha, this yr, where are they, oh yeah under 3 ft of snow.
LOL fun times eating ice cream when it's only 32 out. At least it wont melt.
hot or cold...

think about it this way.

when it's cold, you can put more and more layers of clothes on, wrap yourself in blankets, and sip hot cocoa. still cold? grab another blanket or two.

when it's hot, you can only take so much off before you're naked and have no more clothes to take off. sure, you may have fans and air conditioning... until the heat causes rolling blackouts (which most of the time, it does). then you wouldn't even have ice for cold water to cool you down.

my point being:
you can always warm yourself up in the cold.
cooling yourself off in the heat, not so easy.

that's probably why there are so many deaths caused by heat strokes each year.

so again i pose the question: hot or cold?
I would rather bake on a rock naked in death valley, sweating my ass off, than layering up and layering up with a cold runny nose. Yeap. HOT. Definitely.