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pictures I took today of my hometown.....

They are thumbmails for dial up users! Click the little image to see the bigger pic, a new window will open. I was just messing around today, not really serious, although I did photograph an abandonment @9 otsego st. but I'm not including that here. I plan on going in this school and take inside shots, and get arrested!!! I wanted to go around back--but there was too many ppl all around on their porches. I went to that school when I was in kindergarten-1st grade and for some reason they used the basement for Kindergarten and floor 1 for 1st grade. Used to say all the other floors where unsafe and condemned, I climbed the stairs and ended up in a higher floor--a janitor was up there--drinking. I got in a lot of trouble. I was always in alot of trouble back then...I was just a naughty little girl. The pictures under the cut are of my hometown. And yes, I brought Sara w/ me on my little UE adventure. She was cute in the cemetery(I went on the old side)--She wanted to stay in the car, and I said, "I don't care, you have that choice--stay in the car,listen to music--alone-in a cemetery or come with me and not be alone. So she came with me. I told her to knock on one of the doors to a tomb and see if anyone was home, and she said, "but what if they answer it". LOL. As much as she said she was creeped out, when we were leaving she asked me if I'd take her to an older scarier cemetery. I hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I enjoyed my day of taking them. I took over 100 all together of various things/oddities, including some weirdo's I seen walking about, but I think this is enough. Let me know what you think!!





 ((This shot above is my favorite. And I think is my best.))) 




Spooky photo--I think anyway. Had to just be the lighting. But I counted 8 cripts in that Young Tomb.:

These where graves markers that laid down, looked like tables or benches. I noticed their were writing on them and took a closer look.


The famous dummy light!!!



The Wintergreen Industries my Godmother worked in back in the 1960's, she was a semstress. That place is being auctioned off soon.





Where George Washington had a tea party--the building with the weird roof, I couldn't get any closer, a guy on a lawn mover started following me::


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