Tuesday-09/30/2008 01:10 pm

Subject: Birthday wishes...
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I'd like to wish a belated happy bday to Joyce. I tried to send a comment or bulletin or whatever they're called on myspace last night and well, I really don't know how to, so just so ya know--I was thinking about you. Happy birthday!

Thursday-08/09/2007 10:33 pm

Subject: Sara has a livejournal now
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She is 13 so she can now have her own lj. Her name is flaming_rose13 , say hi to her if you'd like.

Sunday-04/01/2007 10:49 pm

Subject: what is wrong w/ the world today?
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First it was peter pan peanut butter recalled, then we couldn't eat lettuce/spinach b/c it was tainted and humans would get sick. I really must say--us humans, we have a voice, we know when we're ill, we know when to go to the dr. b/c we feel like crap, but can I say omg any louder? Now, it's pet food that is being manufactured to kill our beloved pets. My friend shopalot's brothers cat is dying b/c of the menufoods recall which causes kitties to have kidney failure. Now there is a purina/alpo recall and also a del monte foods recall-yeah del monte also makes cat/dog food--including 9 lives, kibbles n bits, gravvy train, milkbone, and pounce snacks, among others. How can our voiceless pets tell us they are sick? By the time us busy humans notice a change in them it may be too late? They can't say--"hey mommy, that food made me feel shitty". All they can do is just eat it, and they love it and meow until they get it. I really don't know what to feed my cats anymore. I hate like hell to think that me feeding them their food that they enjoy is really going to be killing them. Apparently their is now rat poison in a HUGE batch of the wheat glutin found in every animal food in the world. Makes me think--her food, maybe that is what makes her so sick and why I spend around 2K a yr on vet bills on her. My little cats may now get cooked and grounded up chicken like my wild cat. I'd rather pay the extra $$ for meat, rice,(shit, I really don't know how to make it so it's a balanced diet.), then pay huge vet bills. I have teeth that I will be paying mega bucks in, I can't afford a sick cat.

I guess the jist of this post is:: if you have a pet, go to menufoods.com, purina.com, and delmonte.com and do a little research on the newest recalled poisoned pet foods before feeding them to your cat/dog.

I really don't know what is wrong w/ this world we live in, I feel we as humans are on a crash course with destiny.

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Saturday-03/17/2007 12:05 am

Subject: pshh
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What is wrong with the weather these days?
I'm so lookinf forward the season to change
So sick of the coldness the dwells
In march it's a living hell.

And so on and so forth....that's about it.

More snow. Lovely snow. Lovely cold. God, I'm so happy I live in NY state. It's gonna be 93 degrees in AZ tomorrow. I would never ever complain about the heat, just the cold. If we get a shitload of snow, heard up to 2 ft, I anticipate another flood this yr. Hey, I'm ready this yr. So let the water come. I even have a raft.


Yeah, lovely life.

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Saturday-02/10/2007 12:07 am

Subject: public post:::Friends Cut
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Just deleted 33 users from my flist. For reasons that they never post anything at all ever, I don't know them at all b/c they never post anything at all, or for other reasons. If I have deleted you mistakenly in hast drop me a line and I'll add ya back.

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Wednesday-01/24/2007 10:31 pm

Subject: do u play neopets?
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if you do please take a look at my beauty contest submission and vote for me if you like to: I need a lot of votes to win.....

Spare a wocky vote?

Monday-01/22/2007 10:43 pm

Subject: Public Post::
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Don't you hate friends cuts? I know I do.

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Tuesday-12/05/2006 03:19 pm

Subject: aya821
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I think you can see this page and not be a member of the site:


If you have been wondering what the hell is a neopet, well, here is one of mine.

Saturday-07/01/2006 11:31 pm

Subject: flood
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I don't want to talk about the last 4 days of my life. I know other ppl have lost everything, their business, etc, I don't care to share what I have lost. I hate NY state. I hate floods. I hate being unprepared. I hate not having any power to help the ppl, things, and animals that need help. I hate having no electricity and watching my animals die b/d of the power outage. Fuck. I am so sick and fucking tired to caterring to other ppl's needs and wants, and you know what I don't fucking care. Being nice to ppl who could really care less. Regardless of what I do for them, they don't care, they only think of themselves. I'm only thinking about me and my family and the ppl whom I love. Everyone else can piss off.

I'm deleting this journal and won't be found on this site. Won't be on aim yahoo or any of that fucking stupid shit. Life is fucked up. And now so am I.

Take care.

Edit:::material objects--can always be replaced, but living, breathing creatures--whether human or animals can never ever be replaced. We are not going to niagara falls now for our vacation, we have to bury our what we lost. I am sorry I sound so cold above, I am hurt and angry, overwhelmed and totally out of my mind.

Tuesday-06/20/2006 10:47 pm

Subject: pictures I took today of my hometown.....
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They are thumbmails for dial up users! Click the little image to see the bigger pic, a new window will open. I was just messing around today, not really serious, although I did photograph an abandonment @9 otsego st. but I'm not including that here. I plan on going in this school and take inside shots, and get arrested!!! I wanted to go around back--but there was too many ppl all around on their porches. I went to that school when I was in kindergarten-1st grade and for some reason they used the basement for Kindergarten and floor 1 for 1st grade. Used to say all the other floors where unsafe and condemned, I climbed the stairs and ended up in a higher floor--a janitor was up there--drinking. I got in a lot of trouble. I was always in alot of trouble back then...I was just a naughty little girl. The pictures under the cut are of my hometown. And yes, I brought Sara w/ me on my little UE adventure. She was cute in the cemetery(I went on the old side)--She wanted to stay in the car, and I said, "I don't care, you have that choice--stay in the car,listen to music--alone-in a cemetery or come with me and not be alone. So she came with me. I told her to knock on one of the doors to a tomb and see if anyone was home, and she said, "but what if they answer it". LOL. As much as she said she was creeped out, when we were leaving she asked me if I'd take her to an older scarier cemetery. I hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I enjoyed my day of taking them. I took over 100 all together of various things/oddities, including some weirdo's I seen walking about, but I think this is enough. Let me know what you think!!

Pictures I took todayCollapse )

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